Our Brand
“Dài, è solo un bacio.” Come on, it's just a kiss.
Un Bacio Boutique is the place to find unique clothing to represent each and every one of us. We pride in finding amazing and affordable international clothing and bringing it to your home. Fashion, to us, is a representation of the culture and personality within us all. Our clothing should emulate who we are to the world. The way we dress, live, laugh and socialize, should all show the beauty within.
We have products from Italy, France, Peru, Spain and all around the world! Our Jewelry is hand-made locally and brought in to us after thoughtful selection. It is always a new day at our location with products coming in weekly! Dress Beautiful, Feel Beautiful.

Picture of Eve Faucett, founder and owner of Un Bacio Boutique, with her horse, Lois My Love. Pulled from over of Rancho Santa Fe Connector Magazine.
Our Founder & Owner - Eve Faucett
"My main goal is to make others feel beautiful. The clothes start from there."

Eve Faucett has been fully immersed in the world of creativity since she was born, with her father being a musician performing at Carnegie Hall and her mother being a broadway performer. As a result, she has made it a point to have various creative outlets, one of which being fashion. Eve has always loved fashion and how you can express yourself through your own personal style. Having been born into an Italian-American family, Eve visited and fell in love with Italy and its culture. From there, her wanderlust and her desire to explore different cultures grew. She combined her skills as a natural-born entrepreneur with her love and passion for fashion and culture to create the magnificent yet warm and welcoming boutique that is Un Bacio.