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Golden Earth

Chakra 6 – Insight Chakra Roll-On Oil

Chakra 6 – Insight Chakra Roll-On Oil

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A Lavender and Rosemary essential oil blend and a Lapis Lazuli crystal infusion.

Promotes intuition, clarity, and insight.

  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • Roll-On Oil

Each chakra oil is created intuitively using specific essential oils & crystals that resonate with each chakra. Golden Earth Chakra Oils are an easy, effective way to restore natural balance to your body, mind & spirit. They smell beautiful and you will love the positive effect on your life!

About the 6th Chakra

This chakra is known as the brow chakra. It is located in the center of the forehead a little above the eyes and relates to the brain and pituitary gland.

Spiritual Characteristics

Intuitive abilities, visualization, clarity, insight, and awareness.

Chakra 6 in Balance

Awareness within ourselves and around us, trust our intuition, ability to visualize or imagine what we want.

Chakra 6 out of Balance

Allergies, sinus problems, unable to sleep well, stress, and pessimistic.

Apply often to your pulse points to create wellness, balance, and positive energy in your life. Rub your favorite chakra oils on the bottom of your feet before you go to sleep. So relaxing!


  • Organic Golden Jojoba
  • Lavender And Rosemary Essential Oil Blend
  • Lapis Lazuli Crystal Infusion

Lavender is well known for soothing the skin and calming the emotions.

Rosemary creates awareness, and confidence and inspires us to remember our own true path.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of total awareness that awakens the 6th chakra and supports clarity and universality.


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