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Elvira's Snake Bangle

Elvira's Snake Bangle

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"Some women wear snakes to symbolize protection and strength. Some wear them to symbolize eternal love and wisdom and others wear serpents purely for fashion. Me? I wear this snake bracelet because the little guy reminds me of my pet snake, Dick. He grew much too large and I eventually had to retire him to a reptile zoo. I imagine he's enjoying hanging around somewhere..."Whatever your reason for adding serpents to your look, channel The Mistress of the Dark with Elviras Snake Bangle. Perfect as a delicate accessory by itself or stacked with other jewelry for a more dramatic silhouette, this exquisitely detailed serpent bangle is available in your choice of bronze or silver. His slim, contoured body is 7.5" around, with a dusting of crystal on his head and mesmerizing, deepest blue Swarovski crystal eyes to watch your every move.


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